Shrushti Global Medicare Foundation

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Shrushti Global Medicare & Research Foundation a registered firm is the one and only hi-tech surrogate centre in the South of India offering comprehensive, value-based ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) programs for clients across the world since 1999. 
We ensure that Egg donation and the surrogacy arrangements thru’ us is managed by an attorney, the doctors & by the psychologists. This team assists in providing prompt, personal service to help make the right decision regarding your Egg Donors, Surrogates or Intended Parents. 
The egg donor and the surrogate database is certainly the most comprehensive in the industry because the egg donor credentials and availability are verified each month and those egg donors who are no longer part of our program are removed from our database.
We pride ourselves in recruiting donors & surrogates from highly reputed educational institutes, top tier IT companies & scientific establishments. 
Prior to providing the physician the medical records for each Egg Donor and the surrogate, a preliminary screening is first done by our office to check on any medical risk factors.
Excellent references for surrogates are available only upon request.
We also provide on demand the value added services such as

    • The donor catalogue, which provides basic information and characteristics for each donor.
    • Donor profile – which includes the medical and the genetic history
    • Personality test record – Shrushti Reproductive Respository donors take wide personality tests at regular intervals.
    • Also, for many of our clients, the physical characteristics of a donor are an important consideration. Shrushti Reproductive Repository has a full-time donor matching counsellor to help with the selection process.



Free Counseling & Consultation! Sex determination is a crime! Gender preference for male child is prohibited!